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We grew up in a digital world and love every aspect of it — we know how it works, how it should work and what it should communicate. We know how to tell your story, making your presence not only eye-catching, but also mind-catching.


If the user can’t use it, it doesn’t work. Since we strongly believe in a user-centered approach, we aim to optimize every digital experience by meeting his expectations. Smart information architecture (IA) results in a wireframe that functions as a solid basis for the development process of your website or other interactive app. Our love for simplicity combined with delicious graphic design reflects what today's users care about — & so should you.

Design &
Art Direction

We ❤ graphic design. Conformable to the client’s identity, we produce unique designs for every project. However, it’s almost never that black & white. Combining art and design, we come up with a creative concept and turn it into a beautiful design — whether it’s for print, mobile or desktop. The result is a piece where the story and the design truly support each other and allow the concept to shine through.


Copywriting is more than just “writing copy”. It’s an art that speaks a message that can stir the mind and heart into action. Creating a great copywriting piece takes time, effort and many revisions. The tone, words, and message must be perfect in every aspect in order to see the best results. Our copywriter makes sure your writing’s compelling, whether it’s in Dutch, French, German or English.


Monokroom is a young creative agency in love with black & white. We’re a passionate team, shaping brands through innovative design, kick-ass copywriting and clever conversation. We don’t just make it, we make it work.

The designer

Kristof got stung by the design bug in the late nineties, running around in the creative playground. As a designer, he strives to make a positive impact, explore curiosities, work with great clients and enjoy the freedom to influence the web and its future.

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The writer

Nele has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil and a thought. In her world it’s all about words — she crafts copywriting that will tell your story and facilitate love connections between a brand and its fans. Indulge her with writing jobs and she will surely live happily ever after…

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